Managing Your Social Media Is A Full-Time Job

As a business owner, or just as person living in 2019, you know that having a social media presence is a great benefit to your brand. The positives of social media far outweigh the negatives. Most importantly, it’s a place to connect with your audience, a place to promote your content – as well as your successes, and a place to portray yourself as a leader in your industry.

Because everyone you know has a social media presence, it’s often thought that managing the channels is common knowledge and that anyone can do it. I’m sure if you’ve tried to tackle this yourself you may have realized that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Let’s take Facebook for example. A single post on Facebook should include an image, cropped to the right specifications. The title should be a certain length, and also be catchy enough to have folks click on it. Then there’s the post text. There’s a suggested length to a successful post, a suggested time frame for posting, and a number of times one should post each day. That’s all just for posting something – let alone creating the post itself!

Posting consistently is also important. You want to show that you are active and current, and leaving your page sit for days or weeks on end can leave your audience frustrated or uninterested.

But once you post on Facebook, your job isn’t done. You want your audience to see it, so you may consider boosting or putting money behind the post. If folks comment or like the post, you will want to answer their questions or engage in some way. People may also use your Facebook page to message you, and someone has to answer in a timely manner. Your clients or customers also have the opportunity to grade your business on a public forum, and if they do, you need to acknowledge those comments as well.

In addition, your Facebook must interact with others – engagement doesn’t go one way.

And that’s just Facebook. There’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and countless other mediums that need attention as well.

Hiring a social media manager can not only take all of this work off your hands, but it also gives the social channels the attention they deserve. Messaging can be consistent across platforms and can be up-to-date. Clients or customers will get answers in real-time, and your content will receive more traffic.

So don’t try to take it all on yourself. A qualified social media manager will help you with the day-to-day work and the overall strategy. This way, you can focus on running your business!

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