What is Content Marketing and Why is it Important?

The term “marketing” gets a bad rap. Getting strategic and playing on emotions to get someone to take action for your product? I mean, I get it. The thing is, marketing is such a integral part of growing your business. Whether you are building a brand, reaching new markets or improving upon an already existing reputation, marketing and business development go hand in hand.

The thing is, marketing doesn’t have to be tactical, and it doesn’t have to be callous. In today’s digital world, we are overcome with information and content on a daily basis. As consumers, we can’t escape it and as marketers we must stand out from the crowd.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on storytelling – telling your company’s story and providing valuable information to your target audience. This builds trust and loyalty to your brand, and will drive sales and profits through the community you build.

You know those great Budweiser commercials with the horses? That’s a great example of content marketing. It has absolutely nothing to do with the product the company sells, but over the years they have built a story around these horses, and give a sentimental side to a beer brand. Some of the most viral commercials from the SuperBowl are the best content marketing. They are easy to share and watched millions of times… and often have little to nothing to do with the actual product a company sells.

In simplest terms, content marketing is figuring out what your target audience cares about.

How do I create great content?

Creating great content should be a cornerstone for your digital marketing strategy. It’s just too easy to create and can be done with very little cost. One of the best ways to create content? Blog posts! If you don’t have a blog associated with your business yet, what are you waiting for? Writing blog posts (yes, like this one) can help drive traffic to your site, give you credibility as an expert in your field, and give you content to push out on social media.

Blog posts can be full of text, but I’d strongly recommend using photography as well – another great content marketing asset. Video is a must-have in today’s marketing world (and if you need more convincing about why you should spend the money on video, check out this blog post).

I get it! You’re busy building a business. Writing blog posts and pushing them out on your social media channels is just another thing to do. Let me help! I thrive in the world of content creation and marketing and want to help tell your brands story.

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